2021 EC Education & Behavioral Health Summit

Friday October 8, 2021

*Virtual Event

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8:30-12:00- "How to Unwind Anxiety" by Dr. Jud Brewer;

Faced with uncertainty, an overabundance of information (and misinformation), among other challenges, our minds struggle to keep up. Our brains default to old survival mechanism to help us deal with anxiety, which can lead to the development of unhealthy coping habits (e.g. stress eating) and ironically feed anxiety as a habit itself. In this workshop, drawing on his clinical work, neuroscience research studies and development of next-generation digital therapeutics for habit change, Dr. Brewer will teach you the underlying behavioral and neurobiological mechanisms of why anxiety and other habits are formed and how you can paradoxically tap into these very processes to uproot them. In the process you will learn how your mind works, so that you can work with it, including how to foster your natural capacities for awareness and kindness. 

1:00-3:00- "Love Your Job Again" by Moe Carrick

Workshop by Moe Carrick Do you sometimes find it hard to rally for going back to work on Sunday night? Especially in the last 18 months with COVID 10 and global unrest, workers everywhere are feeling burned out, disengaged, and struggling with feeling connected to the good feelings that work can provide. This interactive keynote workshop will provide a chance to pause and pivot your relationship with your job. Let’s learn some tools and techniques for resilience by understanding why we work and how self care + team care = a healthy cohesive community. We will examine courage, managing burnout, and partnerships skills to help you love going to work again. 

Event details (PDF): https://5il.co/vql5